With her induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame coming in 2019, Stevie Nicks has been on our minds even more than usual lately. With the holiday season now upon us, we scoured the internet and found some gifts for the Nicks fan in your life.

They range from a vintage tour poster and a signed, framed CD to clothing and more kitschy items from throughout her career. You can check them all out below. We also included links where you can purchase them.

Nicks was first inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1998 as a member of Fleetwood Mac. Her upcoming solo induction makes her the first woman to be enshrined twice, a milestone she's proud of.

"My biggest hope is that I have opened the door due to the fact that there’s 22 men who have gone in twice and zero women," she said. "I think that’s really a little off balance. That’s what I’m hoping, that what’s happened here to me will give all the little rock and roll stars that are just waiting out there a little hope that they can also do what I do. ... Maybe because of this it won’t take so long for all the other incredibly talented women that I know and that I respect and that I listen to and that I’m friends with.”

So check out our Stevie Nicks Holiday Gift Guide below for the gypsies in your life.

Where to Buy
Vintage Tour Poster: Amazon
Signed CD: Amazon
Flask: Amazon
Garden Flag: Amazon
Bella Donna Knit Hat: Amazon
"Stevie F---ing Nicks" T-shirt: Amazon
Sweatpants: Amazon
Clock: Amazon
Bella Donna T-Shirt: Amazon
Change Purse: Amazon
Bella Donna Bag: Amazon
#Stevie Hoodie: Amazon
"Gypsy Soul" T-shirt: Etsy
Wine Glass: Etsy
Altar Candle: Etsy
Vision, Dreams, & Rumours Book: Amazon
Top Hat: Amazon

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