It's been nearly two years since the third season of Stranger Things arrived on Netflix. As the global pandemic has taken its toll on Season 4, the Duffer Brothers are still in the process of filming. However, the extended break has allowed the creative team to explore the best routes forward for the show’s beloved characters. In a new teaser clip, we get a glimpse at Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown)’s dark past as the child subject of government testing.

The minute-long trailer introduces us to the ominous testing facility where Eleven and her fellow subjects are forced to spend their days. There's a sickly looking rainbow on the floor, a chess set, a Magic 8-Ball, and of course, the sinister Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine). It’s a long way off from the neon-soaked summer of Season 3, giving us a jarring look into Eleven’s formative years.

Watch the clip below:

Fans have pointed out that in the description for the video, you can see the numbers “002/004.” The first teaser, which revealed Jim Hopper (David Harbour) slaving away at an icy Russian work camp, contained the caption “001/004.” This suggests that there are two more teaser clips awaiting us before Season 4 finally comes around. If they follow the pattern of the first two, then they'll likely focus on individual characters. Will, maybe? Or Joyce?

Series star Finn Wolfhard hinted back in February that the next installment of Stranger Things would be the “darkest season” that's ever been made. So far, the first two previews point to this being true.

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