The teacher's cat passed away the day before, these kids did something sweet by bringing her a new furry friend.

Teacher's pet indeed.

Students surprise teacher with kittens after her cat passed away a day before

"We surprised our teacher with kittens because her cat passed away yesterday"

Caring Teens Surprise Their Teacher With 2 Kittens After Her Cat Dies

A teacher in Texas was understandably distraught when her beloved cat died.

But Mrs. Andrews’ tears of sadness turned to those of joy, after her caring students at Joshua High School, in Joshua, surprised her the following day with an extraordinarily thoughtful gift — of two adorable kittens.

They consoling their favorite educator with cupcakes, balloons and flowers.

They then hand over two ridiculously cute kittens, and her reaction is priceless

Andrews is overcome with emotion, completely loses it and bursts into tears.

“Are they mine?” she asks the teenage girls, almost in disbelief, as she cuddles one of the tiny cats and then holds the other.

Pupils surprise teacher with box of kittens to cheer her up after cat dies

The thoughtful students brought balloons, cupcakes and kittens to their clearly loved teacher after she lost her pet

A group of students surprised their teacher with a box of kittens to cheer her up when her cat died.

The thoughtful pupils decided to ease her pain with a delivery of fluffy cats to her classroom.

Their teacher, called Mrs Andrews, was heartbroken when her beloved pet died.

But she was delighted when her pupils began passing her kittens, and wept as she held the adorable animals.

In it they carry balloons, cupcakes and cats into her classroom. One of them says: "We are about to go surprise Mrs. Andrews because her cat died yesterday, so we bought her new kittens."

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