It's been since the 1960s that you could see a movie downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. That changed today when Celebration Cinemas at Studio Park opened.

According to WOOD, the new Studio Park theater was actually made from bricks from Studio 28 which was the first multiplex theater that closed in 2008.

There are many more reminders of Studio 28 like the original sign that is hanging in the Studio Park theater.

Jack Loeks opened his first theater in downtown Grand Rapids back in the 1930s. Now his grandson J.D. Loeks has opened a theater back in downtown Grand Rapids bringing everything full circle for the Loeks family.

Now that the nine screen theater is open, there still are 140 apartments that will open in the future along with restaurants, stores and a 200 seat music venue. The hotel is set to open later this year.

This project is costing 160 million dollars...hopefully they don't pass that cost on to the price of a bucket of popcorn.

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