The other day we nodded in approval at the rumor of a potential 'Supergirl' TV series to bolster both DC's presence on television and the need for more female-led superhero properties, though few details were available. Now, sources confirm the project in development under 'Arrow' producer Greg Berlanti, though the series may end up with a new title and new take on the character altogether.

According to various sources, New 52 Supergirl writer and frequent DC producer Michael Green will not have any involvement with the project, but rather 'Arrow' producer Greg Berlanti and his 'No Ordinary Family' partner Ali Adler will helm the adaptation. DC guru Geoff Johns has also been attached in some capacity to the 'Supergirl' series, which will be shopped to various networks over the next few weeks, but likely not end up on The CW, we're told.

Perhaps most intriguingly, the project will actually eschew any possibility of an actual 'Supergirl' title to the series, instead hemming somewhere along the lines of 'Super' or 'Girl' (per Deadline). The new project has also been described as "a new interpretation of the Supergirl character and her story," though it remains unclear if that would imply a character outside of the more common Kara Zor-El, Superman's "cousin."

It certainly makes a bit of sense with DC's approach to movies and TV thus far, as most every live-action comic adaptation to date has established its own independent continuity, save for 'Arrow' and 'The Flash,' or the inevitable 'Justice League' movie. Not only that, but as 'Gotham' works around any actual incorporation of the Batman character, we wouldn't be surprised if the new Supergirl series largely ignored any incarnation of Superman, assuming the character had a role in this Supergirl's origin at all.

We'll keep abreast of DC's new Supergirl TV series in any incarnation it may take, but what do you think? Would you be interested in seeing the character given her own series, even with a few tweaks to the origin or title?

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