James Taylor fans have been singing variations of "Sweet Baby James" as a lullaby to their own children for generations. Now, they'll have a pop-up book to leaf through while putting their little ones to sleep.

Announced last year, the Sweet Baby James book is now available exclusively through Taylor's website where the 10-page volume is selling for $25. Although it can't be purchased anywhere else yet, it's listed at various other online retailers, where plans reportedly call for future availability.

Fans hoping for an early glimpse of the book can get it courtesy of the above video, which finds Taylor discussing the origins of the song, talking about what makes it a natural fit for the pop-up book treatment, and showing off a bit of the artwork.

Although Taylor doesn't mention it in that clip, the book seems to have at least part of its origins in the work of visual designer Mark Devlin, who — as outlined in this LinkedIn post — gave "Sweet Baby James" the popup treatment while putting together a lyric video for the song in honor of Taylor's 2014-15 tour.

"As a content designer I had to ask myself, How should we visualize that song? I decided that we would create a children's pop-up book with the lyrics of the songs as the words in the book," wrote Devlin. "As the song progressed from verse to chorus to verse, we would flip the pages revealing something new and special for each section which illustrated the lyrics of each section of the song. When the book was finally produced, we videotaped it, using slow turns, pans and tilts to explore the pop-ups from every angle."

Take a look at those tour visuals below.




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