This is disappointing to hear, Sweetie-licious Bakery Cafe's owner, Linda,  announced on the bakery's  Facebook page yesterday that they will be closing their Grand Rapids location, located in the Downtown Market. As the post reads, they were one of the original tenants that moved into the downtown Market seven years ago.

As the post goes on to say the announcement of the closing is bittersweet and completely because of the strain the pandemic has caused over the past year.

We leave being immensely proud and thankful of so much; especially our dedicated and talented team, our sweet and beloved customers, and the worthy charity work that we have been privileged to be apart of.

They do plan to keep their original bakery cafe open in DeWitt, which as Linda, the owner, reminds us is just a short hour drive away.

I love how Linda wrapped up her announcement of the Grand Rapid location closing. It's so full of heart, which is probably why the sweet treats were always so tasty,

It truly warms my heart knowing that our pies and baked goods have helped to celebrate ordinary days as well as life’s special events with so many of you, as sharing delicious memories is what life is all about, don’t you think?

I’ll miss drooling over all the deliciousness that Sweetie-licious always had displayed right as you walked in the front doors of the Downtown Market.  It’s also going to be interesting to see what the Downtown Market looks like after the pandemic is under control,  now with Sweetie-licious and Social Kitchen announcing closures during the COVID pandemic. It's one of my favorite local hangs on a Saturday afternoon, so I'm hopeful they'll find things just as enjoyable.


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