Urban Family Ministries wants to make sure everyone knows, that as Thanksgiving plans change for so many people because of the pandemic with the rise in positive COVID-19 cases, they’re still planning to hand out takeout Thanksgiving meals the week of Thanksgiving.
WOODTV reports that the Thanksgiving meals are being distributed thanks to Elijah Libbett and family, with the help of Ellnora’s Kitchen. They’re trying to get the word out as people are trying to figure out their thanksgiving meal plans.
As Elijah told WOODTV,
“Anybody is welcome, whether you have $1 million or no money at all.”
Urban Family Ministries, which is located on the corner of Eastern and Baxter St SE, said they’ll be taking extra precautions when handing out the takeout meals, which will also include asking everyone to wear a face mask when they come to get their meals, as well as having plenty of hand sanitizer at the door, says WOODTV.
According to WOODTV, Urban Family Ministries handed out 900 meals for Thanksgiving and 1600 meals for Christmas last year. They've been providing meals for the community here in Grand Rapids during the holidays for the past 11 years.
This year‘s Thanksgiving meal will be handed out on November 23rd, from 4 PM to 7 PM at the Urban Family Ministries location.

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