I warned you in the headline, this will probably cause a few tears.  Grand Rapids Police Department posted a video on their Facebook page Saturday, showing Officer Bryan Boon calling "out of service" for the last time Friday, as he retired after 30 years on the job.

Officer Boon's wife, a dispatcher for Grand Rapids, was on duty but made special arrangements to have their daughter to do the final call for "out of service", which definitely brings a lump to the throat - you can see it even catch Officer Boon. Her first line was

"Officer Boon, - my dad and my hero, who I'm so proud of..."

Safe to say Dad is pretty proud of Katie by his "she nailed it" when she finished.

Fox 17 says three other GRPD officers retired as of January 3rd as well,

Frank Collins, David Johnston, Rober Merciert, and Mike Rozema also said goodbye to their brothers and sisters in blue.

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