Authorities are searching for two teens accused of hurling concrete chunks at cars on US-131 near Grand Rapids this week.

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According to Fox 17, at least three cars were damaged incidents on two separate days this week on southbound US-131 near the 76th St. exit in Byron Center.

One of the victims, Rebecca Briggs, tells Fox 17 she was getting off work Monday night and heading for the 76th Street exit in Byron Center when she saw two teenage boys on the side of the highway:

One of them actually climbed over the barricade and picked something up, which I think is what they threw. He hopped back over. And then as I was coming by one of them threw it with force.

Briggs estimates she was going about 70 mph and the concrete smashed her windshield in two places.

Photo: Rebecca Briggs, Courtesy Fox 17
Photo: Rebecca Briggs, Courtesy Fox 17

Luckily, she was not hurt.

Briggs tells Fox 17,

This was 100% intent to do harm here. This was not, 'Oh, I dropped something.' This was an intentional throw right in the middle of my car... I'm very lucky, so grateful that I didn't get hurt. I'm glad I didn't have a baby in the car. I'm glad that they didn't hit an elderly person who may not be able to react so fast. I just can't fathom being somebody who would want to do that.

From another driver's dashcam that was traveling on 131 at the same time as Briggs, Fox 17 was able to obtain images of two people standing on the side of highway behind the barricade where the incident occurred.

Fox 17
Fox 17

The suspects are described as white males, 15-16 years old, with short hair. According to witnesses, after the incident Monday, March 21 around 6:20p.m., the teens were spotting running  away towards the railroad tracks.

Michigan State Police Lieutenant Michelle Robinson spoke with Fox 17 about the seriousness of the matter,

It could result in someone being killed.

In 2017, a similar incident n I-75 in Michigan did result in the death of 32-year-old Kenneth White.

Police are asking anyone who may have information, including photos or videos of the incidents, to contact the MSP Grand Rapids post 616-866-4411.

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