With my least favorite day of the year this weekend (daylight saving time). I thought I'd share the 4 other days that are just the WORST.

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    Black Friday

    Yep, the day retailers (and bargain hunters) love and retail employees hate.

    Black Friday is a good idea on paper, the day after Thanksgiving pretty much everybody is off and thinking about Christmas. So why not have sales so that people come to the store and buy things.

    In practice it's the WORST! Every year I see stories of people bum rushing a store when it opens trying to be the first to grab whatever widget is 60% because the store will only have 3 in stock.

    Is it the artificial small stock of items that cause people to act crazy? Is it people have to wake up and the crack of dark to go get said items? I don't know.

    That's not even touching on the fact that some stores think black Friday should start after Thanksgiving dinner.

    Man, I'm trying to enjoy my families company that I only get to see one time a year. Not only that but the employees of said stores better be getting triple time and a half.

    How rude.

  • claudiodivizia thinkstock
    claudiodivizia thinkstock

    April 15th - Tax Day

    They say there are only two certainty in life. Death and taxes.

    Last year my wife and I decided to do our taxes on our own. Let me tell you, tears were shed, tantrums were thrown, and pouting happened. Then when my wife got home we kinda figured it out together.

    But our "free" tax prep website ended up costing us as much as we got back as a return.

    This year, we asked around and found a tax professional.

  • nbodine thinkstock
    nbodine thinkstock

    Groundhog Day

    What's the point of this silly 'holiday'. Do they know someone who speaks groundhog? How do they know for sure if the groundhog spotted it shadow or not?

    Why can't we just redub this day Meteorologists Day then we could ask our favorite meteorologist hey ... is it going to be warm soon or what?

    The only good thing to come from groundhog day was the Bill Murray movie

  • Mary Gascho Thinkstock
    Mary Gascho Thinkstock

    New Years Day

    Note new years day - not new years eve.

    Nothing says welcome to the new year like, oh man I have such a mess to clean up from last night. Why did we have the party at my place again. Holy crap is someone sleeping on the couch? Who is that? Is that Jeff's random friend that showed up out of the blue? Where's the tylenol?

    If you're lucky you only have to clean the inside and outside of your house. If you're not lucky you have to clean out your stomach as well.

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    AntiMartina thinkstock

    Daylight Saving Time

    Finally the big daddy. The worst day of the year.

    The day we lose an hour of sleep. It's the WORST! Why do we do this to ourselves. I have never met a single person in my life who has said, "Oh man, I'm so excited to spring ahead!!"

    Gross. Give me more sleep. Give me a darker night to go to sleep to.

    But mainly give me more sleep.

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