Jay Leno was right. Your dog or cat doesn't want to be dressed up in a costume, or a sweater or whatever. It's true. If your pet could kill you in your sleep for doing it, they would.

So of course, pets that are dressed up have to have owners that take their pictures. And post them on the internet. AND have some dope like me put them out there for you to vote on the best and worst!

"Counting down the days to Halloween? It's important to keep a sense of humor alive while going through the motions, which is probably why many people decide to dress their pets in Halloween costumes. Who doesn't want to see a pug dressed like Yoda, or a cat in Pippi Longstocking pigtails? Even something totes obvious like a dachshund made to look like a hotdog is, at the very least, mildly amusing."

30 Unfortunate Pet Halloween Costumes


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