Despite all of the divisiveness, there's is still a lot of common ground that Michiganders share. Like the beauty of our state. From bald eagles to giant fish, here's to you, Pure Michigan!

Instead of battling each other, let's look at the wonder of our great state, via the #PureMichigan hashtag on Instagram.

Wouldn't we all want to bag this bass?

If you hike in the woods, you'll know the trillium are out!

The bald eagle, once a rarity to see here, is now plentiful.

Lots of shots of the Blue Angels flyover.

Go find a skateboard and discover your inner Tony Hawk!

This dude has a basketball court in his garage!

In the real world, Tulip Time lasts for more than a month!

Sunsets and sunrises over water. Very few states get both!

The great thing about cold days at the beach -- there's no one around.

The pear blossoms are beautiful this week.

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