Many of you are planning to jump into the car this week, and travel over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house for the Holidays, and even though gas prices are low, sometimes tempers run high.

Try and avoid the usual arguments on the road this year by being learning these triggers that may set them off.

Earlier this week the AAA reported that over 89 million people will be headed out on the roads in the coming days for a holiday road trip, which for most people will translate into a travel nightmare. I mean, a group of people stuck in a car for who knows how long? There’s bound to be screaming, crying, and whining.

So, what is the biggest thing we fight over during a road trip? Well, according to a new poll by Hertz, that would be getting to our destination. That’s right, 44 percent of people named navigation as the biggest cause of family disputes during a car trip, with 48 percent of people adding that a GPS system would be the most important thing to bring with them in the car.

But any parent will tell you kids can also be the main cause of your nightmare. There’s no doubt items to occupy your children’s time should be at the forefront of your packing list, since 40 percent of drivers blamed noisy and naughty youngsters as the reason for car fights. In fact, 29 percent of people said games and entertainment are the most important things to take with them on a family trip just for that reason.

As for other causes of arguments, traffic, a partner’s driving skills and bathroom stops round out the Top Five. Meanwhile, other packing essentials include a fully charged phone and charger, drinks and snacks, and warm clothes in case of breakdowns or long delays.

Top 5 causes of car arguments:
1.    Getting lost / directions
2.    Noisy / naughty children
3.    Traffic
4.    Partner's driving skills
5.    Lavatory stops

Before you drive off:
1.    Screen wash – you will use more when it is cold and if there is salt on the roads, so make sure you have plenty before you set off. Don't dilute it too much to avoid freezing.
2.    Fuel – keep your tank at least a quarter full in case you get stuck in a traffic jam.
3.    Battery – get your battery checked and replaced, if necessary, as older ones will run down quickly in the cold and may leave you stranded.
4.    Tires – make sure you have plenty of tread – 2mm minimum – and avoid reducing tyre pressures to get more grip as it is ineffective and makes the car harder to control. Consider snow chains or winter tyres if travelling to snowy regions.
5.    Time – avoid the dangers of rushing by allowing plenty of time for your journey, including regular breaks to stay alert.

Top 5 essentials for the trip:
1.    Ice scraper and de-icer to clear your windscreen
2.    Snow shovel, strips of old carpet or pieces of cardboard, as well as salt or sand to regain traction in ice and snow
3.    Blankets, rugs or sleeping bags for long traffic jams
4.    Battery jump leads – flat batteries are the most common causes of winter breakdowns
5.    Torch and batteries

Top 5 in-car essentials:
1.    Satnav and charger or printed route and map to avoid getting lost and arguments
2.    Entertainment for children to avoid rows and keep passengers occupied
3.    Fully-charged mobile phone and charger
4.    Drinks and snacks in case of delays in cold weather
5.    Warm clothes, coat, scarf, hat and gloves in case of breakdown or long delays

What is the biggest cause of arguments during your family road trips? What do you bring/pack to try and ease your travel nightmare? Do you even like road trips?

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