The City of Grand Rapids took a step closer to having a "digital City Hall" by launching an updated web site with all sorts of new features, including one that puzzles me a bit.Mayor Rosalynn Bliss announced the new site on her Facebook feed this weekend.

Some of the new features of the site are expected, like easy bill paying and online reservations for venues, but one that puzzled me was the promise that you could "reserve a parking meter".

I have an app that let's me pay a meter online, but "reserving" a parking meter certainly implies I could save a meter for use at a certain time. Alas, that's not the case. Reserving a meter is not for personal use, like saving a spot right in front of Van Andel for a Griffs game, but instead is for commercial trucks and movers who need space.

For example, contractors working on a remodel can have easy access to supplies. We'll put no parking covers over your meters so no one else can use them on your reserved dates and times.

We only allow meter reservations for specific uses. Reservations for everyday personal use are not allowed.

Check out the new city web site at


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