Five years ago, Michigan State blocked a punt in a stunning win over the Wolverines, who were the underdogs that day. I was there. But the drama that unfolded around me may have been better than the game itself.

Michigan State was ranked 7th in the nation and was a slight favorite to beat 12th ranked Michigan in Ann Arbor that cool October afternoon.

My brother had picked up an extra ticket that morning and asked me if I wanted to go. Always up for some excitement, but not realizing how much I was about to have, I said sure.

Here's the catch, he and my other brother would be sitting in his seat, and I was to be on my own, close to the Michigan student section.

How bad could that be?

As it turns out pretty bad.

First, they oversold the place and I had to literally stand sideways to see the field. I was crammed in there. To make matters worse, this guy showed up three seats to my left.

state fan1edit

I have been to a lot of college football games, so I'm used to partisan fans from one team or another yelling obnoxiously throughout the game. I'm even used to drunk fans. But this guy was overly obnoxious and close to throwing up drunk. He literally reeked of whiskey, and was yelling obscenities in my general direction.

Ignoring someone like this is the best strategy for dealing with them.

Number one, having gone to Central, I have no dog in this fight, so I was not emotional about things. Second, I grew up in a rough neighborhood, so it takes A LOT to get me rattled.

But the more I ignored him, the more belligerent he became. So much so that his language was upsetting a big dude in front of me who was there with his small children.

Time after time, big dude warned drunk dude to knock it off or there would be hell to pay. This only spurred drunk dude on to greater depths of depravity, baring his butt for all to see.

Late in the second quarter big dude warned drunk dude that he was an off duty law enforcement officer, and if drunk dude returned for the third quarter, drunk dude would regret it.

Of course, drunk dude returned, possibly drunker, and with one quick signal big made with his hand, stadium security surrounded drunk dude had him on the ground and hog tied him with zip ties. With that they carried him out like a pig going to a barbeque.

Even MSU fans cheered his departure.

What made his departure even sweeter was the fact that he wasn't there to see MSU block a punt with no time remaining, scoop the ball up and stun the partisan crowd with what was the best ending ever for a M-MSU game.

Party on, drunk dude! Although I'm pretty sure you remember none of that afternoon.

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