Does anyone want to tell this New York area that cannot steal the Michigander swag?

The Coney is one of the most iconic and memorable items that Michigan has blessed the nation with. However, I do not think Michigan likes people stealing the things they love.

In Plattsburgh, New York, their specialty called a "Michigan" has become super important to the community.

Credits: Canva
Credits: Canva

The "Michigan" is so important to the community that the town officials declared the month of July as Michigan Month.

Michigan Month, according to sources, is commemorated with

"an annual celebration that includes a 5K road race and fun run, locally designed T-shirts, and a passport that enthusiasts can get stamped at any restaurant that cook Michigans."

If you thought that was it for this community's love of the coney, you are gravely mistaken.

For the first day of "Michigan Month" this year, the Coney received a historic marker. The charity that assigns the historic markers, William G. Pomeroy Foundation, placed a marker to celebrate their beloved 'Michigan'.

If you are inclined to visit the 'Michigan" marker, it is located at 4736 U.S. 9. It is near Clare & Carl's Hot Dog Stand.

This one is going to have all Michiganders livid. The Clare & Carl's Hot Dog Stand claims that they made the coney around 1927.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Now, the real question is...

Who created the Coney? New York or Michigan?

Smithsonian Magazine state that historians believe that a man named Charles Feltman

"opened a hot dog stand on Coney Island in 1871 and sold 3,684 sausages that year."

Lansing Area Coney Island Restaurants

Any restaurant with "Coney Island" in the name is a guaranteed hit...we don't make the rules.

Gallery Credit: Maitlynn Mossolle

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