Want to find them all? Want to be the best? Need some new places to go? Here are the 5 best places to go right here in Grand Rapids!

I'm writing this with the assumption you know a thing or two about PokemonGo the Pokemon app that has people off the couches and walking, biking, and driving (very slowly) all over the place.

Here are the 5 best places to go in town.

1) Downtown Grand Rapids

Charge up your cell phone and make sure you're wearing comfy walking shoes. You could spend hours walking around downtown. With 2-3 Pokestops on each corner, if you're low on pokeballs you could literally walk 5 or 6 blocks and be stocked up for the next day or two. Also, there are a LOT of people using lures in downtown. I saw 4 different ones going Sunday morning!

Downtown pokemon.PNG

2) Meijer Gardens

Take in some nature and give yourself an excuse to use your season pass again, by taking a walk through Meijer Gardens. Beautiful plants and sculptures aren't all that you'll find at the world famous Gardens. Pokestops aplenty!

3) Surprisingly ... Costco

My wife and I went shopping at Costco while I pushed the buggy cart I was told many times to stop and wait. Not because of some fantastic deal. But because of the fact there was another pokemon to catch. My wife ran out of pokeballs at Coscto catching so many. No pokestops, just a LOT of area to cover. I'm sure you could have similar results at RiverTown Crossings.

4) Grand Valley

A good number of pokestops and lots of land to room. Now, I'm not sure how much the facility at Grand Valley, or any college really, would like people coming off the streets to roam the campus looking for Pokemon. However, maybe a quick drive through wouldn't hurt anything ... right?

5) Your neighborhood.

Yeah, walk out your front door and take a walk around the block. Who knows what pokemon you'll encounter. We live in Jenison so there's not a bunch of pokestops, however, it's fun just going for a walk while holding your phone. Feel a vibration? Catch your new Taurus or Horsea, or maybe the elusive pikachu.


As far as people who say, "What's the point of this pokemon thing. I don't get it."

I think Barton Deiters has the right point of view

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