Who knows what Jim Harbaugh's future plans are for sure, except for Jim himself? But that won't stop sports reporters from saying they have it all figured out. 

Several rumors have started making their way around the country speculating about the future of Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh.

Even as Harbaugh mulls a three year contract extension put on the table by the University, the experts are weighing in that Harbaugh wants to return to the NFL.

NJ.com is reporting that the New York Jets are interested in Harbaugh's coaching talents, and hinted that they are one of several teams who wants King Khaki as a coach.

Pretty solid sources say there are at least five NFL teams a knock knock knockin' on Harbaugh's door, including the Detroit Lions.

But hurting Michigan fans aren't buying the leaks hitting the media. It's his agent, they say, floating some trial balloon to see who salutes them.

This is the beginning of a long, strange winter for Harbs. And a ton of media speculation.

Here's one thing I know -- if the coach can pull a stunning upset in Columbus on Saturday, this equation changes completely.

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