COVID-19 is hitting the John Ball Zoo hard already and they need your help in making a donation.

According to WOOD, normally John Ball Zoo is thriving in March and April because of membership sales, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, no revenue from admissions, events, sponsorship's and the loss of retail sales will cause the zoo to lose about $1 million dollars per month.

Let' s not forget the animals at the zoo. There are nearly 2,000 animals that need to be cared for and fed and this takes money.

John Ball Zoo CEO Peter D'Arienzo said, "we still have mouths, snouts, beaks, and jaws to feed and care for. Our animal care team, veterinarians, and essential facilities crew all remain on grounds to maintain the excellent care that we provide each and every day of the year, while practicing social distancing to keep one another healthy."

The zoo is hoping that people will renew their membership or better yet purchase one as a gift. The best way you can help is simply just making a donation, or adopt an animal a visit once they reopen.

D'Arienzo said, "you can feel good knowing that your financial support helps provide the support the Zoo is counting on during this closure, after we are back open to the public, and to maintain our standing as one of the top cultural destinations in the State of Michigan."

Right now there is a way to visit the Zoo and that is virtually with the Zoo Insider. There are videos featuring several animals, their keepers and education team members to make sure you and kids learn something.

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