Over the weekend the Lady Rangers of Forest Hills won the state championship in women's wrestling.

According to WZZM, Hannah Becker and her teammates have made sports history by becoming the first Michigan high school girls' wrestling state wide championship team.

Becker said, "The feeling was unreal, when we were handed the trophy, I was like Wow. This is big!"

With less than a dozen members and only a two year program Forest Hills Central pulled off a massive victory for young girls in Michigan but across the country. Wrestling is a growing sport among young women.

Becker went on to say, "it's a really cool feeling knowing that we're kind of pushing the movement. People are finding out about it more. There's a 77% increase in the girls' state meet this year compared to last year, by over 100 girls.

Rangers wrestling coach Brad Anderson said, "wrestling teaches selflessness, toughness and discipline. Who wouldn't want that in their child? In their son or in their daughter?"

Davenport University will have the first ever women's wrestling team and Becker will be on that team after she graduates.

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