If you love the McRib, then Monday is going to be YOUR day, as McDonald's announced on Thursday, that they were rolling out the teddy bear-shaped sandwich to 10,000 of their stores, according to WNEM.

Of course, as usual, the McRib is only coming back for a limited time, so you're going to need to get your fix kinda quick!

Interesting as the WNEM story talked about why restaurants run menu items for a limited time, and it was interesting. I mean, the whole idea is common sense, but I hadn't really ever thought about why they just keep stuff on the menu for a minute.

I think more interesting though is the fact that the McRib first became a thing in 1981, and was considered a dud, so they took it off their menu four years later. Now they bring it back a few times a year and people gobble it down.

I checked the 'McRib Finder' and just using 49504 (my zip code) it said there were 20 locations around West Michigan.  If you're afraid your McDonald's you can also check the 'McRib Finder' Here


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