The Game has been officially canceled this year, so let's look back on the series through the art of some of the series' beloved program covers.

It's a legendary rivalry, one might say one of the best in the annals of college football, so here's a look back at the history of the series through the covers of the game programs.

Let's start with 1946, a 7-3 Michigan win in the first post-war game.


Here's a cute cover from the 1938 game, won by Michigan, 18-0.


While the 1917 game was canceled due to World War I, the 1918 game went on, despite a raging flu pandemic. Ohio State won 14-0.


The Bo-Woody rivalry in the '70s was lampooned on this 1977 program. The game would end badly for Woody when he punched an ABC cameraman in the stomach, foreshadowing his eventual demise one year later when he grabbed a Clemson player by the facemask in the Gator Bowl, effectively ending his career.


This Ohio State player dropping buckeye nuts on a daisy picking Michigan player pretty much says it all, as Ohio State rolled 50-14 in Columbus.


The first of the series played in what was to become The Big House, Michigan Stadium, was won by Michigan 27-0. The Stadium was officially dedicated in the pre-game ceremonies.


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