A recent breakdown reveals the most popular items sold at Walmart in each state, and here in Michigan, what we buy the most makes perfect sense, even though you'll probably have a hard time guessing what it is.

Walmart released a list of the most popular purchased item for every state in the union, and there are some weird highlights to the list, which we'll go over in a minute.

But let's start here in Michigan where the most popular item is a life jacket, which makes perfect sense in a state with thousands of miles of Great Lakes shoreline, not to mention all the rivers and lakes we like to recreate on.

Plus, it's the law to have life jackets on every water vehicle from paddle boards to kayaks to cabin cruisers.

Now about those other states.

Other popular Walmart purchases per state include:
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  • North Carolina - electric knives
  • Chicago - puzzle storage
  • Ohio – Hatchanimals
  • Louisiana – raisins
  • Maine – peanut butter & jelly
  • South Carolina – garage door openers
  • Washington – Starbursts
  • Virginia – Ramen noodles


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