In an effort to compete with Amazon, Walmart is now offering free 2-day shipping so to get all of our attentions they recently released the most popular items being shipped in each state between January and June of this year.

Business Insider compiled the list and some things are pretty standard, such as paper towels, gaming consoles or toys. However, you can't help but think "WTF" with some of the most popular items being shipped around the country.

Let me add by saying that nothing is wrong with these items per say, just super random. Take the folks in Mississippi for example, their mostly getting Cream of Asparagus soup shipped to them. Weird, right? Everyone knows Cream of Broccoli is the best, but at least it's not mushroom. Is it as weird as South Carolina where they're getting hand warmers? I didn't realize it was that cold there. And I know mosquitoes are annoying but are they out-of-control in Maine that the residents are buying mosquito head nets over anything else?

Michigan is no different when it comes to the randomness because out of EVERYTHING that Walmart has to offer we're having Fruity Pebbles cereal delivered to our doors. For starters when you ask someone's favorite cereal, Fruity Pebbles usually isn't the first response people give. In fact, earlier this year it was found that Oreo O's were Michiganders' favorite cereal (including the rest of America). Secondly, do we love it so much that we need it within 2 days but not so much that we can't go to the nearby store real quick and grab some?

I've come to the conclusion that this entire analyzation done by Walmart further proves that the combination of our love for food and laziness is super real. And that we're a bunch of fruits in Michigan :)

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