Obviously the most popular side dish at Thanksgiving is stuffing.  Any other answer is wrong and possibly a sign that you're secretly a Russian spy.  But I suppose it's okay to enjoy a few other side dishes too.  Right, comrade?

Google just released a list of the most uniquely popular Thanksgiving side dish in every state, based on searches.  In other words:  What side do people in a state Google more than people in other states?  And in Michigan, the answer is...roasted brussels sprouts. Now before you go all 'I hate Brussels Sprouts!' on me, remember the best way to roast brussels sprouts is with bacon, and everything tastes great with bacon on it, right? And it's one way to prove your not Russian.

There are a surprising number of states that are into vegetable sides at their dinner, including green beans in Alaska and Washington . . . sweet potatoes in Hawaii and North Dakota . . . and squash in Maine, Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont.

The top side in South Dakota and Oregon is ambrosia salad, which is fruit salad made with marshmallows.

The most popular side dish in Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico is pecan pie.  If THAT counts as a side dish, it's going to change my entire approach to life.

Tennessee's top side dish is mac and cheese, which is a good call.

And Ohio might have the most obscure pick:  Seven-layer salad.  Apparently the seven layers are lettuce . . . celery . . . green pepper . . . onion . . . peas . . . cheese . . . and bacon bits. Again, saved by the bacon.

Now get out there and EAT!

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