The weather is finally warming up, school is letting out, and everyone is itching to get to the lake to have some summer fun. But your summer adventures may get ruined this year if you're not careful about where you fill up this summer.

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If you're not new to lake life, you've probably tried to save time in the past by filling your boat up at the same gas station you fill your vehicle with on your way to the coast, but the US Coast Guard has warned that starting June 15th, it could harm your boat if you do.


Why can't I fill my boat with roadside vehicle gasoline anymore?

Starting on June 15th, President Biden has authorized a fuel type (E15) to be used across the country that contains a 5% increase in the amount of ethanol that is used in the fuel. While, this will help Americans save money at the pump, and give money back to farmers who grow corn, it also has it's problems.

According to a facebook post from the Detroit branch of the US Coast Guard, "A recent authorization allowing the summer sale of gasoline containing 15% ethanol (E15) at roadside gas stations presents a problem for boaters. This type of fuel is federally prohibited for recreational vessel use, causes marine engine damage, and will void marine engine warranty."

While increasing the ethanol content in the gasoline may make it more environmentally friendly, and helps the corn farmers of America. Mechanics say the extra 5% ethanol could cause major problems for most boat engines.

Why does the ethanol increase in automobile gasoline matter to my boat?

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Experts say that not only is it prohibited still to use this type of fuel in a boat, it's also bad for you engine. The increase in ethanol causes damage to O-rings, tanks, and can even cause boats to run at a higher temperature, which could cause a fire.

Where should I get gas for my boat instead?

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Tommy Carroll/TSM

Your best bet is to buy your gas near the lake at a dock. Most lakeside store/ports will offer tanks, and while it may seem more expensive to fill up there, you'll save tons of money on the repairs you may have to make if you don't use the proper fuel.

So enjoy your time on the lake this summer, just make sure it's not a bummer by blowing your engine.

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