By now we've seen 'The Simpsons' tackling a number of pop-culture funhouse mirrors of themselves, from the recent 'Family Guy' crossover to last season's LEGO installment, and this year's "Treehouse of Horror" is no different. Watch Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie meet not only their Tracey Ullman counterparts, but countless more parodying anime, 'Adventure Time,' 'Archer' and more from last night's Halloween special!

We'd known for some time that the 25th "Treehouse of Horror" installment would see 'The Simpsons' crossing paths with familiar-looking ghosts in their house, as animated in the style of the Tracey Ulllman shorts that inspired the series, but the gag multiplied exponentially in the end. Following the modern Simpsons' similarly ghostly fate, the final moments of the short saw a claymation Simpsons coming to take up residence (with John Ratzenberger voicing Homer), only the beginning of the parade.

In addition to an anime-inspired take on the family, 'The Simpsons' also took potshots at its own history and legacy, bringing in 'Archer,' 'Adventure Time' and 'South Park'-inspired takes, as well as the LEGO Simpsons, 'Despicable Me' versions and more.

'Simpsons' mania seems to have been given a temporary reprieve from this summer's marathon-inspired insanity, but in the meantime, check out the show's ultimate pop-culture tribute to itself above, and tell us what you thought of last night's "Treehouse of Horror" in the comments!

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