Has anyone ever told you to 'chill out'? It's easy in Grand Rapids with so many great ice cream and frozen yogurt places!

Grand Rapids Has A HUGE Number Of Great Ice Cream and Yogurt Places!

No matter what kind of frozen delight captures your fancy, Grand Rapids has you covered. Here's ten of the best icy treat stands to chill you out and take you back to work in a great mood!

Let's start with these ten, and if we missed one, we'd love for you to let us know, so we can go there and have some MORE ice cream.

10. Street King's Rolled Ice Cream,  Downtown, 17 Jefferson Avenue

What is rolled ice cream? It's cream that's poured onto a chilled surface and then rolled with a spatula into delightful circular log like rolls, and served up with your favorite toppings. It winds up tasting a bit creamier than regular ice cream.

You can watch them being made in the video about Street King's below. They also serve bubble tea and smoothies.

9. La Loteria, Mexican Style Ice Cream, Wyoming, 705 28th Street

If you haven't tried ice cream Mexican style, you're in for a treat! This is as authentic as it gets when it comes to exotic ice cream dishes like El Bionico and Las Fresas En Caja. If you don't know what those are, you should go and find out. You won't be disappointed. And while you're there try their elotes. El Delicioso.

Says one Yelp! reviewer:

This is the spot to get your Mexican snacks fix! One thing they have in abundance that I couldn't even find in Arizona is avocado paletas. I know sounds like it should be basic but trust me it's actually kind of hard to find. They have all the tropical fruits you can want and the mangonadas are perfect. Their ice cream is so smooth. One thing I hate is when paleterias over freeze their ice cream. The paletas here are kept at the perfect temperature. They perfected this art. Get your butt over here for these goodies!! Except Sunday place is PACKED!!!

La Loteria via Yelp!
La Loteria via Yelp!

8. Too Tall's Tasty Treats, Creston, 2963 Coit Ave NE

I'm not sure how tall Too Tall is, or if there ever was a Too Tall, I only know this is a great little hidden gem.

Located just a quick walk from beautiful Riverside Park, this long standing Northeast side shop is kind of old school, offering soft serve, twist cones, flurries and hard packed Hudsonville ice cream with kid favorite flavors like Blue Moon and Superman.

7. The Cone Shoppe, Midtown, 1225 Michigan Ave.

It is was it says it is, a shop for some of the best ice cream cones in the city. But don't stop there! Any kind of icy treat you can imagine is available here, giant flurries, popsicles, sundaes, and even chocolate sodas.

Don't believe me, here's a Yelp! review which shows off the varying treats at The Cone Shoppe:

The banana creme pie flurry is so good made with real banana chunks and vanilla wafer, but the marshmallow flavor mixed in makes it taste like an amazing creme pie. Try it.

Elza Kurbanov via Unsplash

Elza Kurbanov via Unsplash

6. Double Dip Depot, West Side, 3284 Remebrance NW

Come to play mini-golf, and then stay to sit in the giant chair and knock back equally giant portions of frosty delights. Seriously, these cones and shakes are big, one customer even recommended getting the small so you don't overdo it, but what if you WANT to overdo it?

Like a lot of GR ice cream places, it's a throwback:

This is an ice cream and mini golf combination that's seems stuck in the 60's in a very good way! I went there with my girlfriend and roommate and had the ice cream and played mini golf and it was AWESOME!!

5. Frosty Boy, Creston, 1757 Plainfield NE

The final stop on the Northeast side's legendary 'Boy Trilogy' (Frosty, Taco and Fat), this long standing classic is everything Ilove about the Creston neighborhood I love in a nutshell. Friendly, fairly inexpensive and close by.

Famous for their rare Lemon Soft Serve, 'The Boy' serves up just about any kind of frozen delight you can imagine. I highly recommend their Strawberry Shake. But be prepared, the summer lines are legendarily long. But this dog lover says it's worth it:

I love Frosty Boy. We come here all the time and I will gladly stand in line for 20 minutes. They're popular for good reason! We love that there's vegan and gluten free options. It's awesome to have vegan options where you don't have to get the same thing every single time. Their flurries are creative and delicious. Staff work hard and are friendly. The best part is all the dogs that come for pup cups!

Sebastian Comey via Unsplash
Sebastian Comey via Unsplash

4. Furniture City Creamery, East Hills, 958 Cherry St. SE

Whoever picked this location for an ice cream joint is a genius, as it's wonderfully parked in the middle of the block across from such famous eateries as Brewery Vivant, Maru Sushi and the Grove. The little joint is a perfect stop for a frozen confection following a wonderful meal and before a nightcap at the Pickwick.

In addition to their wonderful locally made ice cream, try a fizzy shake, you won't regret it!

And here's an idea:

...the real magic is when you take a spoon of the peanut butter ice cream and dip it into the chocolate shake. The slightly bitter chocolate flavor compliments the peanut butter nicely. You're welcome for the life hack.

3. Sweet Yo's Frozen Yogurt, Downtown, 134 Monroe Center NW

Is the work day dragging down your spirit? Tell your boss to chill with you at Sweet Yo's, and then go back to work the best of friends! Okay, it won't play out like that, so screw them and hit it by yourself.

Choose between 8-12 daily flavors and a whopping 65 toppings! (The peanut butter sauce is a nice twist). And for the undecided: Sweet Yo's will give you a divider for your cup so you can have both the yellow cake batter AND the fudge chocolate brownie!

If you're enjoying a day out downtown, take Nena's advice:

What a sweet little spot! (No pun intended) stopped here with my best friend today, we had such a great time. I tried the cotton candy, pomegranate, mango and the cheesecake. I mixed them together to get the right taste.

2. Love's Ice Cream, Downtown Market, 435 Ionia Ave SW Stall 106

Take your date for dinner at the famed Downtown Market, and hit Love's on the way out. You'll fall instantly in love. It's guaranteed. So what if there's too many red flags!? Ice cream always makes those melt away, right?

Hand crafted ice cream and gelatos with interesting flavor choices like Lavender Blueberry, Blood Orange Mango and Cashew Caramel in addition to the standards. Love's also offers gluten free and dairy free choices.

Kim from Texas was impressed:

A delightful place for an indulgent dessert. They have a fun variety of flavors and no shortage of classics, so everyone will find something they love. I got an ice cream flight, which is 5 tiny scoops of different flavors.


1. Pinkie's Ice Cream, Eastown, 1127 Wealthy St SE

Going to an event at the Wealthy Theater? You have no excuse not to stop at Pinkie's either before or after to chill your taste buds with some unique flavors among the 44 served at Pinkie's, like the rarely found Peanut Butter Cookie Dough (shown).

Once again, location is key to Pinkie's, because it's a close walk from great Wealthy Street eateries like Hancock, Forty Acres, and Electric Cheetah.

Homemade AND creamy, does it get any better?

What an awesome ice cream shoppe!! The flavors, the texture, the creaminess is beyond!! You can tell it's all homemade and churned out there! The young girl that helped us was so incredibly sweet and helpful and funny! Go here and get some ice cream  today!!

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