The 'Tiger King' is the hottest thing on Netflix since the 'Bird Box'. The documentary follows an eccentric big cat trainer named Joe Exotic, whose traveling petting zoo used to stop in GR on the regular.

According to the map shown on the documentary, the old Centerpointe Mall on Lake Eastbrook Drive in Grand Rapids was a regular stop for Joe and his menagerie of big cats, and of course, baby tigers, who would be photographed for a price, which made up most of Joe Exotic's income.


According to a Grand Rapids subreddit post, the Centerpointe Mall was his last stop before his arch-enemy on the show, Carole Baskin put a stop to the tiger cub petting.

watching Tiger King on Netflix, noticed he made a stop at Centerpointe Mall from r/grandrapids

Another poster to the subreddit also made a claim I've since been able to confirm, and that is the Joe Exotic did not sing on all those videos shown on the documentary.

According to the web site, A Taste of Country:

Supposedly, songwriters and vocal performers Danny Clinton and Vince Johnson make up the voice of the songs in the music videos. In the credits of the documentary series, both names are credited under archival footage. Exotic met the duo when they were writing songs on commission. Clinton and Johnson worked with Exotic for the promise of exposure from his green-lit reality show that never happened, though Exotic did have a YouTube series, Joe Exotic TV.

Johnson and Clinton claim that they had no indication that Exotic would be lip-syncing and pretending to sing their songs.

"We all get what’s coming to us in the end, be it good or bad. Joe, all in all, was likable,” Johnson tells Vanity Fair. "Most people just bore the hell out of me. They have the personality of a lobster. He’s a seedy shyster, but he’s got personality."

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