If you caught the telecast of the game between the Tigers and Angels Thursday night, you know the broadcast on FOX Sports Detroit had a theme 'Equipment Night', and I was riveted hearing various Tiger players talk about how personal and important their baseball gloves were.

And jack of all trades Andrew Romine has a literal collection of gloves he uses.

In this piece featured on the broadcast, Tigers 2nd baseman Ian Kinsler says bats are impersonal, you can swap one out if it's not working for you, but your glove has to feel right and is an extension of you out in the field.

Tiger shortstop Jose Iglesias is so in the zone, he doesn't even realize how he wears his glove, and 3rd baseman Nick Castellanos talks about the size of his glove.

In this follow up, Tiger reserve Andrew Romine talks about his various gloves.

But the best moment came when Ian Kinsler was all too real about the most important piece of equipment a player uses.



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