And then their were none. Hard to believe as it is, but the very LAST Sears department store in Michigan is closing. Yes...the last.

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The Sears store at the Westland Shopping Center, located on Warren Road in Westland, posted signs that they would be closing their doors. Signs indicated that their  merchandise is marked down 15% to 50% off throughout the store.

Sears, which was bought in 2005 by Kmart, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2018 and liquidated dozens of stores across the country which left store dwindling down to just one in Michigan.

Sears closed their Flint location at Genesee Valley Center back in 2018. They had opened that location back in 1971 after relocating from downtown Flint. Sears Auto Center outside the Genesee Valley Center also closed in 2018.

The iconic retailer was founded by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck in 1892, and reincorporated by Richard Sears and Julius Rosenwald in 1906. It  began as a mail ordering catalog company and then started opening retail locations in 1925. Their Christmas catalog was a major "can't wait" for me growing up since it was usually how I made my Christmas list or Santa.

Tied together by sale,the Sears/Kmart names are becoming a thing of the past. Forbes reported that in February 2018, there were nearly 1,000 individual locations under the two nameplates but when the company came out of chapter 11 a year later it was down to 400 stores.  As of June 29, 2021 there are 35 of these Sears stores remaining. Sears Hometown stores however, are separate from the department store brand and are owner operated.


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