A new study looked at Google Trends to find the most unique job-related things each state googles more than any other state. 

I'm not sure if this web site that does these things really "gets us", but since all they're doing is combing through our strange searches, maybe this is who we really are...

While some states were looking for relief, Connecticut, for instance, searches “how to get fired” a lot, and Florida wondered if there were jobs "that don't drug test."

South Dakota nurses are apparently disgruntled as their most unique search was for "nurse jobs", and Montana folks want out of the country, or maybe they just want comprehensive health care, as they google, "Canada jobs" more than any other.

Michigan just wanted to have some fun, searching "memes for work" more than any other work search, which consists mostly of Michael Scott from "the Office", asking stupid questions or saying stupid things. 

New Yorkers can't stop googling "hate my boss", Pennsylvania is looking for "sleeping at work" advice, and Oregon's top search is "how to call in sick", and if you have to ask that question, are you really sick? I doubt it.

Every state's weird job related Google searches can be found at Zippia. 


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