Party on.

That's what the men in this video manage to do, even though they are blissfully aware there are all sorts of woes throughout the globe -- lack of access to clean water, the disappearance of the Amazon and human trafficking, to name a few.

These fellas are having a blast, though, drinking, dancing and laughing, as their lives continue with a Facebook-like perfection, even as the more unfortunate ones soldier on. In the end, they realize they have to do something, so they engage in the most fitting 21st form of charity. Or, to be more accurate about it, they engage in "slacktivism" by posting their concerns on social media, which is about the bare minimum you can do to call attention to a worthy cause while making it appear as if you really care.

It's a funny clip and we have to say, you'll find yourself bopping along to this pseudo-boy band tune before you know it. Catchy music is definitely not one of the problems that will get this trio down.

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