In my many years as a dog owner, I never once had the desire to take him out to dinner, but dog friendly restaurants and bars are a thing now, and here's some places you can take your dog on a date.

According to the web site, there are 57 dog friendly restaurants in the Grand Rapids metro area. By definition that means your dog can come in and have a meal with you.

I'm just not sure what menu the dog orders off of -- the kiddie menu or the regular menu.

Among the more well known restaurants that will let you dine with your dog are Harmony Brewing, Sundance Grill and the Twisted Rooster. I was surprised by the number of national chain restaurants that allow this practice, including Culver's, Biggby's, Starbucks and Panera bread.

In case you were curious, GR also has 22 pet friendly hotels. 

And also zero places to take your cat out to eat.

And even though it is the obvious joke, I will ask the question anyway, can I still get a doggie bag? (Ouch, I'm sorry.)

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