There is a possibility that even with vaccines, COVID-19 may never go away.

Not long after the coronavirus pandemic kicked in, after learning more about the virus I thought, this may be like the flu and always be around in some form.

According to WOOD, experts say it's likely that some version of the disease will be around for years.

There are lots of different directions the COVID-19 virus can take. With the unknown regarding new variants of the virus to the possibility that the vaccine could eradicate the virus all together. I prefer the later but odds are this virus will stick around in some form.

Scientists fears these new variants may become undetectable to COVID-19 tests and elude vaccines altogether.

Currently the plan is to vaccinate the population as fast as possible and hope they can hold off these new strains but with not everyone willing to get the vaccine or even wear a mask, there are lots of challenges a head to get back to some sort of normalcy.

We may want to begin to consider having to live with COVID-19 being around in some sort of form especially if the virus mutates each year and then like the flu shot, become a yearly vaccination to combat the virus.

The only positive thing that may occur if the virus continues and becomes something we do have to live with is it should begin to act like a common cold and reinfection should become more mild over time.

If we learned anything from the flu pandemic of 1918 is, these types of viral infections can last for over a hundred years. Will COVID-19 be like a common cold after most are vaccinated or have contracted the virus? There is still so much to learn.

One thing that wearing masks, social distancing and keeping our hands clean has done, there have been little to almost no flu breakouts in the United States and only a few deaths which are normally in the hundreds of thousands.

So even with vaccines and treatments for COVID-19, plan on wearing a mask, social distance and keeping those hands clean for many years to come.

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