Yesterday was National Candy Day, something I regret missing. I mean, who isn't looking for an excuse to eat some extra candy? But, since I'm still learning the mitten state it made me wonder....are there any candies that were invented in Michigan?

As far as candy goes, the main thing I found was, of course, Mackinac fudge. Surprisingly, though, there are a lot of delicious treats that originated right here in Michigan. And I had no idea! Here's are the top 6.

1. Jiffy Mix

Jiffy Mix Plant Google Street View

According to their website, Jiffy Mix is family owned and has been milling flour for over 100 years. Their factory, pictured above, is located in Chelsea which, I must admit, makes me a little partial. What a great name, am I right? I've been using Jiffy for as long as I can remember. I think there are a couple of boxes of pie crust mix in my pantry right now and I had no idea that it started in Michigan.

2. Hudsonville Ice Cream

altrendo images

Another brand that's been around for nearly a century, Hudsonville has been using the same base recipe since they began. They've built nearly 50 flavors on top of that base recipe that they serve in more than a dozen states. Confession: I've never had Hudsonville Ice Cream. Sounds like the perfect excuse to go grab a scoop!

3. McClure's Pickles

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Umm I don't know if I'll be trying this one. You'll probably roll your eyes, like most people, when I tell you that I'm not a fan of pickles. McClure's started in 2006 and are mainly in the Detroit area. Their story starts when they were children helping their grandparents make pickles from scratch with their grandmother's recipe. Now, they offer not just pickles but bloody mary mix, sauerkraut, relishes and more.

4. Sanders Candy


Now, THIS is right up my ally. If you're a chocoholic like a girl a favor and pick her up some Sanders Candy. For legal purposes, that's a joke. Sanders may be the longest standing company on the list opening up in 1875. They've become nationally known, not just for their chocolate, but for their bumpy cakes which they invented. Again, that's another Michigan treat I've yet to try.

5. Germack Pistachio Company

Germack Pistachio Co Google Street View

Germack Pistachio Company holds the title of the oldest roaster of pistachio nuts in the United States. In fact, they still use the original process of roasting according to their site. But, they've expanded their brand to include coffees, chocolate, dried fruit and more. Like many of the others on this list, Germack is mainly located in eastern Michigan.

6. Faygo

Faygo Factory Google Street View

Faygo is a soda, excuse me, a pop company that began in 1907 where two Russian immigrants transformed flavors of frosting into their pop. Through some experiments, including a Faygo beer that didn't last long, Faygo pop is now available nationwide. They boast having over 50 different flavors and even have a tutorial for how to mix their pop into every day food recipes too.

Moral of the story...I have a lot of treats to try. And you won't hear me complaining.

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