Every once in awhile I have to go on a rant. Most of this will only kind of make sense. Maybe you will take away a new appreciation about something. Maybe one or two of these nuggets will ring true to you. Or maybe you will throw your phone on the ground with disgust. For that I'm sorry.

If you don't like my rant, don't read it. Or get yourself your own mouthpiece to rant yourself.

--The McRib hasn't been around in awhile.
--Rain and melting snow suck.
--Alton Brown and Good Eats aren't on TV enough.
--My tax return doesn't go nearly as far as it used to.
--My Facebook feed is really irritating me. If one more of my online friends goes on a fancy vacation or has all the answers to the world's problem or makes mention of all the teams in their NCAA pool that have ruined it for them, I might scream.
--I wish gas prices would just make up their mind.
--Did I nention the McRib thing?
--AND the rain?
--I haven't been to White Castle in WAY too long.
--Crunch n Munch used to be better when I was a kid.
--I need to find a Q*Bert sound effect for my phone.
--I really would like it to be about 65...sooner then later.
--Rain...ok this is over. I have mentioned rain 3 times and now it's bugging ME.


Alexey Klementiev Source ThinkStock
Alexey Klementiev Source ThinkStock

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