Winter has us in its grip. And it won't be letting go anytime soon. From a big snow Monday to the coldest day in over 25 years Wednesday, next week's gonna SUCK!

Monday will be a tough ride in, as The Weather Channel is calling for 5-8 inches of snow, most of it falling during the daylight hours. If that's not enough, the arctic chill has parked its big fat butt over West Michigan and will keep things VERY COLD over the next ten days.

High temperatures for Wednesday will barely make it over zero. The forecast high for that day is 3 degrees, but many experts feel that it might not make it past -1 even by mid-afternoon, which would make it the coldest day since 1994.

So grab your thickest coat, stock up on thick blankets, check your Netflix cue, and prepare for high heating bills, because winter is ON, and it ain't going away soon.


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