Who ever wishes for the "good old days" really hasn't embraced technology.

From all the amazing things computers and the Internet can do, to phones with millions of helpful and interesting apps, the modern world is pretty amazing. A new app out can help you connect with people even easier than before.

It's called DYP (Digital Yearbook Page) and right now it's only available for iPhones, but that will change.

This story on Yahoo "Try DYP, an App that Wants to Reinvigorate the Old-School Yearbook" gives you the scoop.

"You use your phone to scan a yearbook photo. The app then analyzes the photo and presents relevant information for that person aggregated from various social media sites: age, graduating class, current location, and so on."

It's like Facebook 10 years ago, only easier.

And using yearbook pictures, well, ... that 25-year-old crush, hopefully, has aged gracefully.

And now you can find out!


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