There are a lot of restaurants we'd love to see come to West Michigan. Recently a list of restaurants we'd love to see in West Michigan was released, and towards the top of the list we saw Raising Cane's. Now, we can rest easy because our wildest dreams are about to come true.

This is not a drill: Raising Cane's is building a location in Lansing

Big Joe Pesh
Big Joe Pesh

(and yes some of us are crazy enough to drive an hour to get our hands on that amazing chicken. And if you haven't had it yet, you'll soon understand.)

According to a statement from the company “Raising Cane’s is excited to bring its ONE LOVE – quality chicken fingers – to the Lansing area in late 2022, We are still in the planning stages and hope to make an announcement soon on our first restaurant.”

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According to their website, the current closest Raising Cane's location is currently in Gurnee, IL, right outside of Chicago, which is about 325 miles away from Grand Rapids. So prior to this location which is coming soon, you'd have to travel multiple hours just to sink your teeth into those amazing tenders and enjoy their amazing sauce.

If you've never been to Raising Cane's, they're known for their infamously small menu. They never add items, because their CEO is under the business process of thinking that focusing on what you do best allows you to offer the best product, and it's easy to agree they've knocked it out of the park.

So, Welcome Raising Canes. We're so glad you're calling Michigan your new home.

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