This is really the picture of Pure Michigan.

On my way into work Monday afternoon, the snow was still falling, so it was hard for the plows to keep up, which meant side streets were a bit of a pain when it came time to pull out.

Here’s why I say this is Pure Michigan, not just because someone got stuck..

I took this particular picture as I watched three guys (yeah there’s three people there, bad pic) come together and help push this car after it got hung up in the snow trying to get onto Leonard.

It was cool to watch, one guy was waiting at the corner to cross and he stepped in to push, then another guy, who had just parked, ran up to help – both jumping in without the driver having to ask – and then when the third guy saw them struggling from across the street, he  ran over and helped too.

They eventually got it out, and the car drove off.  Then all three men walked off, in different directions.  No big deal, just part of what you do when you live in Michigan.

It was a cool scene to watch play out and all I could think as they all went their own way, that’s PURE MICHIGAN.


(ps, yes I still have a Garmin. Yes, I know about Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps - and do use them. just thought I'd get that out there. lol) 

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