Not a new brewery. Or a new concert venue. Or a new market. Or even a new movie filmed here. Grand Rapids needs a guy Like Ron Chane and his can do attitude.

Grand Rapids needs a guy to drive around with asphalt in his trunk fixing the town's pot holes. Really. This story (brought to my attention from WFGR friend Lisa) "'Pothole Robin Hood' Steals Asphalt, Fixes Potholes" tells the "Pothole Robin Hood" store.

"Ron Chane admits that he takes the asphalt and repairs potholes, and then signs the filled-in holes with the message "citizen fixed," he told ABC News.
"It's sort of like Robin Hood. Once we saw that people were appreciating what we did, we went out again and made a goal of fixing 100 potholes. We've actually filled 101 potholes, so our mission has been completed," Chane said.
"Jackson is like any other state capital, but we've got a big infrastructure problem," Chane said.

"It's hard to have a good city without good infrastructure," Chane added. "And our city simply does not have the budget." The Jackson Police Department is looking into how Chane got the asphalt and has not yet made a decision about pressing charges."

All I can say is...Bravo Ron Chane. Bravo. Star with Robinson Road and then go to Godfrey. Seriously. #ourroadsneedhelp

Where is the worst road in Grand Rapids? Tell me here!

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