December 6th, 2018 -- the day marijuana became legal in Michigan, and even law enforcement is hilariously embracing the day.

It goes without saying that there are people who will be participating in "recreational activities" so on Thursday afternoon, the police in Bath Township took to their Facebook page to remind said participants of the law... with lots of humor of course.

Today's the day. Marijuana is now legal in Michigan. So sit back, do your thing, grab some nachos and turn on painting with Bob Ross.

Sounds like a great day, I'm in! However, I prefer chips & salsa.

Do not: Drive while high, smoke in public or consume if you're under 21.

Good to know.

But of course you have to grow it first and that could take some time. We are sure no one actually has it already because it was not legal until today ...


And then they close it out with these hashtags.


Brilliant. Who would've thought we'd see the day where weed was safer than lettuce?! #BlownAway #HIGHlarious

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