A vending machine installed at the offices of Health West is free, but what it does may be priceless to someone.

The machine distributes the nasal version of Narcan, a life saving drug that can reverse the effects of opioids almost instantly.

(Think the scene in Pulp Fiction where Eric Stolz plunges a needle of adrenaline into Uma Thurman's chest to revive her. Narcan does the same thing.)

Health West announced the newest addition to their offices recently on Facebook, where they describe its potential in saving lives across West Michigan:

This may just look like a regular vending machine, but it is actually our newest tool in saving lives across Muskegon County.
This machine is filled with Narcan, an opioid reversal agent that can stop overdoses and save lives, which residents will be able to access for FREE.
50 Muskegon County residents died in 2020 as a result of a drug overdose involving an opioid. But, only 7% of those victims had access to Narcan at the time of their death -- a statistic mirrored across the country.
Although residents can get Narcan for free, getting it into the hands of individuals who are at risk of overdose or their loved ones can be a challenge. This machine will provide an easy access point right in our Mental Health Center lobby at 376 E. Apple.
Thank you to the Center for Behavioral Health and Justice at Wayne State for making this possible!
If anyone in our community is struggling with substance use issues and would like to get help, you can call our Warm Line at 231-722-HELP (4357) to learn more about how HealthWest can help you in your recovery journey.

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