Unless you live in the Western Upper Peninsula, it can be easy to forget that a portion of Michigan is in the Central Time Zone. These 4 Michigan counties that border Wisconsin also give Michigan a geographic oddity - the westernmost point of the Eastern Time Zone in the United States.

The exact location would be the Ontonagon/Gogebic county line at Lake Superior. As near as we can figure, it's about 800 feet south of the mouth of the Carp River where the county line takes an odd jog to the west as described by the Twelve Mile Circle blog:

the time zone follows the western border of Ontonagon County in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The border inexplicably cuts left just as it approaches Lake Superior’s shoreline and the point can be fixed where Ontonagon and Gogebic Counties hit the lakeshore

That point, we place at 46°45'57.0"N 89°53'15.8"W.

Twelve Mile Circle has a great piece on the extreme points in our time zones here.

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