UPDATE: the person who posted the letter on Facebook has since admitted that it did not actually take place at the apartment complex he claimed it did, and didn’t even happen in Grand Rapids. 

It seems as if some residents at an apartment complex in Grand Rapids have been been taking advantage of that legal pot and other tenants, at least this one in particular, feels some type of way about it. So much so they left a note.

Let's be honest, the smell of weed permeates so of course the neighbors are going to smell it and have something to say that's why they started the note off addressing that

Your smoke REEKS in the hallway I want you to know there ARE other people here!"

Reading that you'd think they are going to make a threat of reporting them to the office. Instead, they just want in on the fun!!


Yah, brah!! Sharing is caring. Plus it's the neighborly thing to do. Call me too while you're at it.

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