Let's face it, we're all getting bored and going down rabbit holes. Mine today was watching a "police chase" go down in Detroit.

The chase, if that's what we even call it, lasted just over an hour and a half and was caught, as well as followed by, WXYZ's Chopper 7.  When I first saw the post on Facebook, I got a bit excited, only because I've watched chases in LA, which usually end up having a ton of police cars following the suspect and they do police maneuver called the pit maneuver or they ram the car.

Not during this chase.  There's a lot of video of the chopper just following the suspect's car with no police in sight - which I assume the police stop following him for safety, and because Chopper 7 was on it. lol

Here's where it starts getting kind of bizarre though;  I'm pretty sure around the 1-hour mark he actually starts chasing a Dodge Charger, that I assume he thought was a police officer.

The ending of this chase was the weirdest because it looks like he's being followed into a gas station by a line of cars, but I don't think any of those cars were police.  It didn't look like they rushed his car, and it looks like people are talking to the driver from the backseat of other cars.

I'm so confused about the whole thing... but it did kill an hour and a half of my Monday lockdown, so for that, I'm grateful.

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