A human chain was formed by beach goers at Grand Haven State Park to save four struggling swimmers.

Wind, Cold Water Led To Difficult Conditions Along Lake Michigan

Four people were pulled out of rip current conditions at Grand Haven State Park on Memorial Day, after a human chain was formed to rescue two swimmers screaming for help.

According to the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety, the incident occurred at around 4pm Monday afternoon, when two swimmers caught in the current began calling for help. Ottawa County Marine rescue was dispatched, as were Department of Natural Resources officers. Before authorities arrived, beachgoers formed a human chain to pull the two to safety.

After the chain was formed and began advancing to save the two swimmers, two more people in the chain began flailing in the water. Marine Deputies in patrol boats from the Ottawa County Sheriff Department were able to rescue the second swimmer and the two members of the human chain.

Three Of Those Rescued Were From Grand Rapids

Sheriff's Deputies did not release any names, but GHDPS said two 17 year old girls, along with a 29 year old man, all from Grand Rapids were rescued, along with a 42 year old man from Oakland County.

High winds can cause rip currents, which can pull unsuspecting or inexperienced swimmers out further from the shore. The currents can then make it difficult to swim back in.

Warnings Were In Place For Rip Currents

The public was well warned by authorities that this weekend was going to be quite difficult due to deteriorating conditions. Sunday morning, several news organizations ran stories about difficult conditions along Lake Michigan for both Sunday and Monday.

The currents were also made more dangerous due to still low water temperatures, with Grand Haven reporting a Monday water temperatures in the low 50s, which increases the chances of a swimmer form hypothermia if in the water too long. Colder temps can also make swimmers cramp up when trying to get back to shore.

Red Flags Are There For A Reason

Your take away from this article should be that if the red flag is flying at the life guard station at any Lake Michigan beach, you should enter the water at your own risk.

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