Today is World UFO Day, and some new audio files have been released surrounding a 1994 UFO sighting near Holland.

On a late winter night in 1994, hundreds of people began calling the 911 dispatcher in Holland asking about mysterious lights seen over Lake Michigan. The dispatcher, thinking that if that many people were calling something must be up, placed a call to the radar operator for the National Weather Service in Muskegon. The normally staid radar guy immediately became excited at what the screen in front of him was showing.

Recently, the US Air Force released its Project Blue Book, which contained now declassified information concerning UFO sightings around the country. Project Blue Book included audio from the 911 dispatcher's calls to the NWS.

The audio from that call was posted in a video to the YouTube channel "It's [redacted]". The channel tied the incident to several other in Michigan:

Interestingly, Project Blue Book had several interesting cases in this area of Michigan, including several that civilians described as "metallic," but USAF officials deemed them astronomical in nature or insufficient data for analysis. Is there an anomalous cluster in this area? And can it be predicted? We're still working on this, as we need to cover MI data with other lakes. We're building a free tool called Sighting, which will help anyone make new conclusions about UAP flaps and all high strangeness encounters. Beta will be shared soon.





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